Ameland · Buren


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• image code: AM023
• Buren, Ameland
• exposure time 6 months
GPS location 53°26’48.0″N 5°50’00.0″E

Ameland Buren, solargraphy pinhole photo.

Artist in lockdown, the story of this image

In 2020 I participated as an artist in residence during Kunstmaand Ameland (Art Ameland). As we were in lockdown because of Covid regulations, there was an interesting challenge to this. I met Eva Visser-Welman, who runs a beer brewery together with her husband. However, she is also teacher on the high school in the town of Nes. We discussed that it would be possible to distribute pinhole camera’s among her students and create several 6 months exposure images at different locations on Ameland. This would give the students something fun and educational to do while in lockdown and at the same time create a collaborative art project that is presented during Kunstmaand Ameland 2021.

This image was taken in collaboration with Marco Mosterman in the town of Buren.

Raising money for early career scientists

Through science we will find a balanced future. We will donate 10% of the price of this image to APECS, an early career network for young arctic scientists. I am connected to APECS since the project Touch Base, arctic Solargraphy and hope to raise awareness for the importance of this network through art.

Amelander beer brewery
Udo Prinsen
Kunstmaand Ameland
Extra info

The image will be printed onto Hahnemühle Natural Line Fine Art Paper based on hemp and using the Epson Sure Color Printing technique.  Contact the studio for larger format versions or further enquiries.

Udo Prinsen is also a film maker. Below you can find a visual interpretation of life in lockdown on the island of Ameland in 2020. Subscribe to Udo’s Mini Music Movies for more visual poems.