Artist space • Michael Ryan


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• image code: AS0006
• Artist space – Michael Ryan
• exposure time 2 months
GPS location 52°22’54.6″N 4°53’01.1″E

Ever since I started working with long exposure photography, occasionally I record the atelier of befriended artists. If I leave a camera with them opened for a longer time it wil capture the movement of objects while the artist goes about his or her working day. People are not recorded unless they would sit like a statue for a complete day or longer, so in the end result the artist is not present. Even though it’s a still image, movement is recorded and the result is a poetic, visual document of the time working on a certain subject.

In this case we are looking onto the deck of a small cabinet holding the paint and brushes Michael uses for his paintings. The camera is attached to the side. The cabinet is on wheels so it travels through the space it records the lights and the windows with the view on Amsterdam each time on a different place.

The photograph was taken with Adoc black and white light sensitive photo paper in a self build pinhole camera and left open for ca. 2 days. It was then digitised, color edited and prepared for print. In this particular case I decided to leave the original edges of the paper included in the digital image as it presents us with an authentic feel. That way it’s more connected to myself, cutting the paper, adding it to the camera and taking it out after recording. The process connects me to the artist (space) portrayed.