Doris Hochscheid


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• image code: PT0006
• Amsterdam
• exposure time 10 seconds
GPS location 52°23’01.8″N 4°52’15.1″E

Actress Marjolein Baars and cellist Doris Hochscheid were in the pre production phase of a music & theatre programme called De wonderbaarlijke reis van Fi (The wonderous journey of Fi). I was creating the campagne image for them based on studio photography with a regular Nikon camera. I also brought my analogue camera just in case we had time left to experiment. Out in the back of the Clifford Studio’s a small garden with rugged walls and climbing plants bring a beautiful atmosphere that would allow for a timeless portrait of the two as they are in costume. In this image Doris is in character performing alone, playing one long chord.

The image was taken using degenerated Kodak 120, 200 ISO, film in an Agfa Box camera from the 1930’s .

Marjolein Baars
Doris Hochscheid