Meteo • Finland



• image code: TB060
• a solargraphy near the Finnish Meteorologic  research station in Lapland
• exposure time 107 days
GPS location 67°21’54.0″N 26°37’12.0″E

In the Finnish part of Lapland there are two scientific  research stations situated that were part of my project Touch base, arctic solargraphy. The Finnish Meteoroligical institute is one of them and they were enthusiastic right away when I asked them to join. It was very early on in the project so with them I was able to create very long exposed solargraphs. This particular one was exposed for 107 days in the landscape of Lapland. While looking for tin cans that could become a pinhole camera I found this particular one below. It is a cooky shape metal box that is meant to help you produce X-Mas cookies, but in this case I was curious whether it would make a pinhole image. I was confident as I have tried many large and small items as camera’s that worked, but it was still a surprise to see such a wonderful presentation of the landscape in Lapland.

santa claus pinhole camera
The original negative image this camera produced came out in the shape of the camera itself. I cut the photo paper to fit the exact measurement. In the illustration below, you can see how the image in front of the camera is projected as a negative upside down and in mirror view onto the paper inside. For the positive representation I have to flip and turn around the image. The image is not perfect, something is in front of the camera. My guess is that a small piece of tape is blocking part of the view. For the eventual representation in the art print I decided to create a zoomed in version within an oval frame.

santa calus negative to positive pinhole solargraphy camera

This image was created for the project Touch base, arctic solargraphy. A global ‘science meets art’ photography project I conducted during 2019-2020.

If you buy a fine art print or limited edition of this image, 10% of the profit will be donated to APECS. This is an organisation which supports early career scientists in their research. Many members of APECS helped me in creating the images in the Touch base project. We all depend on future science. By donating some of my earnings I can do something back to support them.

Touch base project
Finnish Meteorologiacal Institute
Interact, arctic field stations worldwide
Extra info

The image will be printed onto Hahnemühle Natural Line Fine Art Paper based on hemp and using the Epson Sure Color Printing technique.



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