Morgans Skip • Norway


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• image code: TB163
• Morgans Skip, Norway
• exposure time 27 days
GPS location 68°45’09.1″N 17°16’15.3″E

Most of the images in the series Touch base are created in collaboration with scientist, researching, working in the arctic region. But they are not the only ones in this location looking at the landscape, identity and culture with an eye for detail. The arctic also draws artists, adventurers and tourists. Artists and scientists have some things in common I feel and one of these commonalities is that they both can look to explore the boundaries of what’s possible. Play, experiment, trial and error, not afraid to try something new to get to new knowledge to share. One particular adventurous artist is Martin Fondse, composer and pianist and vibrandoneon player. His compositions can suddenly turn left where you were expecting to go straight ahead or take you into another world of it’s own. Martin was traveling and living in Norway for a few months, the place of residency was Morgans Skip. Martin wanted to take some time to explore new pianoworks and offered to bring a few of my cameras north with him.
The results are a wonderful time capture of a landscape in change from summer to winter. Some images portray a sunny fjord while others show a wintery landscape covered with snow.

If you buy a fine art print or limited edition of this image, 10% of the profit will be donated to APECS. This is an organisation which supports early career scientists in their research. Many members of APECS helped me in creating the images in the Touch base project. We all depend on future science. By donating some of my earnings I can do something back to support them.

Touch base project
Morgans Skip
Martin Fondse
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The image will be printed onto Hahnemühle Natural Line Fine Art Paper based on hemp and using the Epson Sure Color Printing technique.