Raufarhofn • Iceland



• image code: TB016
• a solargraphy of Raufarhöfn
• exposure time 116 days
GPS location 66°27’27.8″N 15°57’00.4″W

Field research in Iceland is conducted from a many number of places. One of them is a small town in the far north, Raufarhöfn. The building in this image is located in the centre of town and is called the Nest. It is used both as a hostel for tourist purposes, and at the same time scientists live and work here during the summer. A pinhole camera was attached to a building opposite and was open for 116 days. In the long exposure recording you can see the sun’s tracks passing by

This image is created for the project Touch base, arctic solargraphy. A global ‘science meets art’ photography project I conducted during 2019-2020.

If you buy a fine art print or limited edition of this image, 10% of the profit will be donated to APECS. This is an organisation which supports early career scientists in their research. Many members of APECS helped me in creating the images in the Touch base project. We all depend on future science. By donating some of my earnings I can do something back to support them.

Touch base project
RIF Field Station
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The image will be printed onto Hahnemühle Natural Line Fine Art Paper based on hemp and using the Epson Sure Color Printing technique.