RIF • Iceland



• image code: LSC0023
• RIF old farm, Iceland
• exposure time 2 seconds panorama
GPS location 66°31’52.0″N 16°11’34.7″W
Most northern settlement in Iceland

While working in Iceland for the project Touch base, arctic solargraphy, I created this fine art print of the old farm ruin near Raufarhofn Iceland. We had to hike to this old farm and install some pinhole camera’s. This place is situated very close to the ocean at the very northern tip of Iceland. You will find a lot of drift wood and trash sweeping up from far away. A friend, who is a researcher in currents, asked me to take some pictures locally of plastic trash whenever I would find it. He is looking for solutions for shipping industry to reduce trash.

Currents in the ocean

One of the things he does, is study currents and plastic drift routes. He studies samples to learn where did it come from, how far and how long did it travel?  I took some pictures using a regular phone camera and then I noticed this big bright jerry can in the landscape near the ruin of the old Rif farm. I found it has a strange unreal serene beauty to it. It does make you wonder, like my friend does, where does this come from? Did someone use it locally or did it travel half the way from the coast of Canada or maybe even Sri Lanka to end up on a beach in Iceland?

Touch base project
Extra info

This fine art print of the old farm ruin near Raufarhofn, Iceland will be printed onto Hahnemühle Natural Line Fine Art Paper based on hemp and using the Epson Sure Color Printing technique.