Rob van den Broek


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• image code: PT0006
• Windmill, Zeewolde, Netherlands, 4m below sea level
• exposure time 10 seconds
GPS location 52°20’06.2″N 5°26’30.0″E

In this image you are seeing Rob van den Broek, a dutch artist and custom music instrument builder. While visiting him to talk about film related imagery, Rob took me on a bicycle trip  around the area where he lives, Zeewolde. We witnessed the installation of the blades of one of these majestic wind mills. These constructions always give me a distorted feeling. I do love the un-natural looks of them in the lower lands of the Netherlands. This area of Zeewolde is below sea level, the water was pumped away and kept away so people can live, work and farm there. Even the landscape is artificial, so it feels like the right place for them. The landscape can be magnificent and other worldy in a morning mist for instance.

The image was taken using expired film from the 1980’s in a Kodak Box camera from the 1930’s.