Stadium • Utrecht


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• image code: CSC0007
• a solargraphy created in Utrecht, the Netherlands
• exposure time 55 days
GPS location 52°04’42.1″N 5°08’43.5″E

In the midst of the preparations for the expedition to Spitsbergen, I was experimenting with pinhole camera’s in my backyard in Utrecht. I had talked to the curator of the art exhibition place in the city hall and agreed to displaying my results in the year following the expedition. I realised it would be a great idea to collect a comparison of long exposure solargraphy images from both Spitsbergen and Utrecht. This will give the audience a way to experience the difference of the sun’s track in two places at the same time.

In order to do so I set out to create extreme long exposure images on locations in Utrecht, the city I live. I tried to avoid the typical image that usually portrays Utrecht, the Dom church tower and instead look for other surprising landmarks. The soccer stadium is called Galgenwaard (translated: gallows field) after the location of an area that the gallows was situated in the middle ages. Now it is a much more celebrated place of sports and entertainment.

Extra info

The image will be printed onto Hahnemühle Natural Line Fine Art Paper based on hemp and using the Epson Sure Color Printing technique.