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A portrait series created during an artist residency in a historical building which used to be the orphanage in Gouda in the 1600’s. The images are created with a pinhole camera using natural light and reflect the time and place the orphans would have been living in. The poem Alone by Edgar Allen Poe was used for inspiration. Next to the image series a light object was created in the form of three honeycombes, each representing a life’s phase: birth, growing up, escape.

Artist space 
A series of images created using very long exposure pinhole photography inside artist’s workshop. This series continues to grow.

Shapes of time
Created during an artist residency on board a scientific expedition to Spitsbergen and Edgeoya. The images portray solar tracks crossing heritage sites and the landscape of the arctic archipelago.

Summer house
Paleis Soestdijk was build as a summer house for the mayor of Amsterdam late 1650. From 1675 it became property of governor William III. His family resided there off and on until they lost it during French occupation. From 1815 it was gifted to the later king William II. During 1900’s the Dutch royal family resided here. In the current century the grounds were used for art events and in the future the site will be a cultural place for living and recreation.

Touch base
In the summer of 2019 I collaborated with over 20 arctic scientists to create solargraphy images of the base stations they perform their work at. The entire arctic is depicted: Alaska, Herschell Island, North-West Territories, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Siberia. From these images, nine were selected to be part of the object Save Our Souls, depicting the morse code S.O.S. which depicts the message science send to the world concerning climate issues.