Arctic Makes, Catalogue
Art by Nature Magazine, Shapes of Time/SEES

International Year Of the Light, Shapes of Time/SEES (link taken down)

PF Magazine (Professionele Fotografie) Summer House
FOCUS Magazine, Shapes of time
NRC, Shapes of time
De Volkskrant, Shapes of time
Jazzenzo, Shapes of time
JazzHalo, Shapes of time, Shapes of time
3 times strings, Vera Vingerhoeds, Shapes of time
Draai om je oren, Shapes of Time
Volkskrant, bijlage Sir Edmund, Shapes of Time/SEES 

VPRO gids, interview, Shapes of Time/SEES
Natuurfotografie, Shapes of Time/SEES 
Stadsblad Utrecht, 
Shapes of Time/SEES
De Utrechtse Internet Courant, Shapes of Time/SEES


Art month Ameland, selected participant.
Kunszentrum Coldam, Germany (postponed)
Arctic Makes, Ekaterinburg, Russia, group exhibit.
Hooghiemstra Kunstgang, Utrecht, solo exhibit

Hooghiemstra Kunstgang, Utrecht, solo exhibit

Koppelkerk Gallery, Bredevoort, solo exhibit.

Solar Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, group exhibit
University Museum Utrecht, solo exhibit
Evo-Lumen, Evoluon Eindhoven, the Netherlands, group exhibit
Museum Coastal Lights, Hook of Holland, the Netherlands, group exhibit
Art Traverse, de Bilt, the Netherlands, group exhibit

Art Gouda Artist Residency creating series and object ALONE, group exhibit
Shapes of time, Utrecht City Hall, solo exhibit

Shapes of time, In Science Film Festival, Nijmegen, group exhibit
Shapes of time, Royal Academy of the Arts, Amsterdam (short lecture)
Shapes of time, The international year of the light
Shapes of time, NWO Arctic conference (short lecture) 
Artist Residency during scientific expedition SEESNL to Spitsbergen & Edgeøya (creating series Shapes of time)

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