Akureyri iceland solargraphy pinhole photograph
• image code: TB028
• Akureyri, IASC Head Office
• exposure time 97 days
GPS location 65°41’05.5″N 18°07’13.4″W

In Akureyri in northern Iceland you can find the main offices of the IASC, the International Arctic Science Committee. IASC is a non-governmental, international scientific organisation committed to pursue a mission of encouraging and facilitating cooperation in all aspects of Arctic research, in all countries engaged in Arctic research and in all areas of the Arctic region.

For my project Touch base, arctic solargraphy I worked closely with the main office of IASC in order to find people and locations that could be assisting me to create images of arctic science stations. Even though the IASC is not a science station it did seem fitting to include their office in Akureyri as a recording location in the library of images I was after. On site, I was assisted by none other than the Executive Secretary at the time, Allen Pope.

Touch base project
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