Otago New Zealand landscape mountain range spring photograph
• image code: LSC0002
• Otago New Zealand
• exposure time 10 seconds
GPS location 45°04’27.3″S 170°12’34.2″E

While visiting Dunedin Polytechnic School of Art (New Zealand) for a lecture about the project Touch base, I had some  time to look for landscaping locations and I could drive out to the Otago 87 road. Along this road you can fid some old mining towns like Middlemarch, Ranfurly and Naseby that are worth exploring. Near Naseby I was presented with ann incredible view on the mountain range that separates the Otago with the province of Canterbury. The snow had melted in the valley, but was still present in the higher parts leaving me with an opportunity portraying this landscape in transition from winter to spring.

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