• image code: LSC0001
• Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve Auckland New Zealand
• exposure time 10 seconds
GPS location 36°58’50.0″S 174°45’05.7″E

During a lecture tour in New Zealand I had chosen this site as the first place to visit and acclimatise after the long journey from the Netherlands. A big surprise awaited me as the site at that point in time was subject to a heated discussion about land ownership between Maori, local developers and the gouvernement. I landed straight into a protest occupy organised by Maori. My lodgings were straight across the street from this occupy. It was a peaceful gathering, and I was amazed by how welcome I felt even though being a stranger and a tourist. Especially because the organisation was very keen to share information with me. I came to learn and experience the site, and learned a great deal more that I could suspect. I wanted to capture the ancient feeling and mystique of this place. Because of the occupy it was not possible to create an image on the site at that point,  but I could walk around along the water front. The brushes sticking out of the water front were an excellent subject for that and I imagined a view from the site towards the opposite land where visitors from far away would land with their ships.

I left, but the protests continued throughout 2019 and still go on today.
[this post was written in June 2020]

News item about Ihumātao
News item about Ihumātao April 2020
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