• image code: LSC0005
• Waiheke Island New Zealand
• exposure time 5 seconds
GPS location 36°47’00.0″S 175°03’06.1″E

During a lecture tour in New Zealand I got a message from an old friend. She had seen on social media I was in the country and invited me to Waiheke Island. It was a wonderful short visit on my way back to Auckland. Her family ‘the Blaha’s’ form a very warm and special pack and were so kind to host me and show me around. On top of the hill from them actually lives a teacher I vaguely knew from my time at art school. Gerbrand van Melle was a teacher in another department and working partners with one of my teachers, Abel Derks. Now he lives and works from this magical island, enjoys the view in this image every day,  and is neighbours with my friend from elementary school. Such a wonderful side track coincident.

An interview with the Blaha family
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